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Jay Photoglou: Suing Gretchen Rossi for Slander

According to Jay Photoglou, Gretch Rossi is more than a Real Housewife of Orange County.

She's also a real, giant, big, fat liar, reads a lawsuit filed this week.

The litigation stems from Rossi and Photoglou's supposed relationship. The photographer says he and Rossi began dating in 2008 and that she told him she was acting as a caregiver to her terminally ill “ex-boyfriend friend, Jeff Beitzel.”

However, once Gretchen landed a spot on the Bravo series, she denied she was involved with Jay and played up her relationship with Betzel.

The lawsuit claims that Rossi was “intimately involved with Photoglou the entire time the show filmed Rossi’s first season” and is charging the spoiled non-housewife for damaging his reputation by calling him a liar, a drunk and a thief. It cites libel and slander and five other counts.

Kareena Kapoor no longer size zero

At the recent award function one couldn’t help but notice Kareena’s extra weight and how her size zero figure is the thing of past now.

Kareena’s beau Saif was watching her keenly from backstage while she thumped and gyrated to her hot numbers and later told her that she desperately needs to loose some weight.

However when Kareena was quizzed about her weight, Kareena said, “I am happy to have gained a bit. Don’t you think I needed to?”

Well what do you think folks? Size zero Kareena or healthy Kareena?

Katrina: I will marry in 2012

Katrina Kaif believes that she will settle down and get married in the year 2012. Katrina is also not looking out for a new home because just after two years she will be shifting to her husband’s home.

Katrina says, “I’ll get married and go to my husband’s home. Why put in so much money into a new home when I have a perfectly comfortable one at the moment?”

When Katrina was asked about her groom, she did not react. Well Katrina’s marriage is only two years away.:)

Zarine talks about her weighty issues

Zarine Khan has made critics wake up and take notice of her with her performance as Princess Yashodhara in Veer, however very few know that Zarine weighed more than 100kgs during her teenage years.

Zarine says, “I’m the only earning member of my family,.My father left us when I was 18 and I took to eating and binging to keep away the pain. But I hit the gym and knocked off those kgs when I decided to get into modelling.”

“Salman always says that I am destiny’s child and that is why I was chosen for this film. I was thin when walked into this film, but then I was told to go on a chocolate diet and gain weight, because princesses in those days were never skinny.”

Well Zarine needs to shed off her weight immediately as people have started to call her FATRINA (Fat Katrina).

Priyanka’s Levis advert

Check out Priyanka Chopra’s latest Levis print advertisement. She oozes loads of confidence and oomph. Like?

Aishwarya Rai Longines advertisement

Check out Aishwarya Rai giving a picture perfect pose for Longines watch. She looks great in the picture.

Rakhi fumes as Censor bans her Kamini song

Rakhi Sawant is angry with Censor board for censoring the word Kamini from her latest song with Ishq Bector Kamini Tera Bhooth Chadh gaya re.

Rakhi says, “I’ll wait for a week and then I go on a bhookh hartaal in front of the Censor office. I’ve sent a legal notice to the Censor Board. This is the first time something like this has happened. The members of the Board have done me an injustice by deleting the word ‘kamini’ from my song. Dharmendra has been saying the word ‘kaminey’ for years.”

Rakhi adds, “Vishal Bhardwaj’s Kaminey came, were they asleep? If Rakhi Sawant sings Kamini Tera Bhoot Chad Gaya Re, they get stung. The song has been produced by my company Faith Inc. and I’m being damaged.”

Tell her that the word Kamini is vulgar and she retorts back, “Kyon? In the trailers of Ishqiya they show Vidya Balan punch-drunk on television, and that too in a saree. Is that allowed in our culture? Ladkiyan khule-aam choli utaar rahi hai.

What was Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai? What were they asking? We all know what’s behind the choli. If that can be air played for years why can’t my song be telecast?”

She then talks about serials and says, “In serials, we have men dragging their wives by their hair muttering. ‘Kamini main tujhe chodunga nahin.’ No one pays any attention. Why point a finger at me? Stop all the malpractice on television and I too will shut up.”

What do you think folks the Censor board took the right action or wrong?

Katrina to star with Hrithik

Katrina Kaif is all set to star opposite Greek god of Bollywood Hrithik Roshan in Zoya Akhtar’s upcoming movie.

Zoya Akhtar’s movie starrs Abhay Deol, Farhan Akhtar and Hrithik Roshan. Apparently Katrina has a killer role in the male dominated movie.

When Farhan Akhtar is asked about Katrina’s inclusion in the movie, Farhan says, ts too early to talk about it, but yes, if Katrina does come into our project, she will be cast opposite Hrithik. He is the only one who gets to romance his love interest. Abhay and I have no love interest in the film.”

The movie is about the friendship between three friends Hrithik, Farhan and Abhay.

Like to see Katrina with Hrithik?

Bebo-Aamir attend 3 Idiots Success Party

The starcast of 3 Idiots came together to celebrate the one month success of their movie. Spotted at the party was Kareena Kapoor, Aamir Khan, Sharman Joshi and Omi Vaidya amongst others. Kareena is wearing christian Louboutin Glitter Platform Pumps. Like?

Sania Mirza is single again, breaks engagement with Sohrab

Sania Mirza is single again, as she has broken off her engagement with Sohrab Mirza because the lanky guy from Hyderabad is not compatible with her.

Sania gives the reason for calling off the engagement with childhood buddy Sohrab Mirza, “We were friends for years but found ourselves incompatible as fiances. I wish Sohrab the very best in life.”

Talking about the engagement, Sania’s dad Imran Mirza says, The two families have known each other for over half a century. Despite the engagement not working out, the friendship continues.”

Seems like the turmoil from Sania’s professional life is also leaving an impact on her personal life.

Maddox Jolie-Pitt Has a Crush

It looks like Maddox Jolie-Pitt has something in common with... millions of other penis-based human beings.

The eight-year old son of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has developed feelings for Kim Kardashian, as he attended last week's New Orleans Saints game with his father and was more interested in shots of Kim on the big screen than he was in shots on Brett Favre by defensive ends.

It sounds like Maddox wants to defend Kim's end, if you know what sources mean!

Clinton Kelly

linton Kelly is the renowned gentleman recognized for his clothing sensation and fashions on burning research nowadays. Fans are anxious to acknowledge entirely about this gentleman…and here is the little detail about this man! Clinton Kelly, the legion of the information program “What Not to Wear” is attending the program Miss America named “Behind the Curtain” that will be telecasted on 29 of January at 10pm of Eastern Standard Time and he has also been decking out the intending people. The United States and different informants describe today that Clinton Kelly has arranged to go in the Miss America show named “Behind the Curtain” and this show will be telecasted after the 250th part of the Clinton’s program “What Not to Wear”.

Lalah Hathaway

alah Hathaway the R&B and Jazz singer has been nominated for Grammy Award in the category of “Best Female R&B vocal Performance”. Lalah Hathaway has been nominated for the song “That was then” from her album “Self Portrait” released in March 2008. The song was at 105th rank on the “hot R&B charts”. The other singers nominated for the same category are Jasmine Sullivan for her song “Tigers & Bears”, Ledisi for “going thru changes and lions”, Melanie Fiona for the song “it kills me” and Beyonce for her song “Ladies”

Jessica Simpson Lets One Rip

Yes, this is actually a real story. Yes, this is a slow news day.

A source tells Us that Jessica Simpson was in a business meeting for her denim line in late January when she decided to lighten the mood by breaking wind.

According to this well-placed insider, "While one of the executives was speaking in a room full of five people, Jessica let out a very loud fart.

"Her mother [Tina] was there, and it prompted her to turn around and yell, 'Jessica!' The tension was extreme. No one knew what to say."

We're shocked by this. Jessica Simpson was in a business meeting?Amazing that this is really all that Jessica Simpson now makes news for: cutting ass in meetings, getting dumped for being too needy and posting Twitter pics like this.

Remember when she had an actual career? Yeah, neither do we.

Ayla Brown Speaks on Sudden Fame, New Album Release Date

The domestic agenda of Barack Obama was not the only thing affected by the election of Scott Brown as a senator from Massachusetts.

The politician's daughter, Ayla Brown, has found herself back in the spotlight.

A season five semifinalist on American Idol, Ayla had pretty much faded into obscurity prior to her dad's shocking victory. She had planned to release a new album in April, but her label called the morning after Mr. Brown was elected and said it wanted to move up the release date of "Circles." To January 26!Fortunately, the CD was complete and Brown can look forward to greater sales than previously expected. She talked about the whirlwind of her career with Entertainment Weekly:

On her American Idol experience: It was positive. I was 17 at the time. I had only played basketball. Never sang in front of people, except for national anthems at local high school games. So being on stage with a live band was a first for me. Of course I was nervous. Of course there were times I felt I had no idea what I was doing. That was the fun part.

On her new album: This CD I’ve had much more of a part in, in terms of the thought process, the lyric writing, music, everything. It means that much more to me because of that.

On her dad's Idol prospects: Uh, I don’t think he would do well at all. I haven’t heard him sing in years. I would be very curious to see how that would go.

Hollywood's Sexiest Stars 2002 Jessica Alba

She's the hottest face on the Fox network--and with those luscious lips and that flawless body, it's not hard to see why. Jessica Alba is young, aggressive and ready to take on the world. And she's only 20, so imagine what she'll want when she's a little older. More than just a pretty face, this action hero has real talent: the raven-haired actress was nominated for a 2001 Golden Globe award for best actress in a dramatic television series and won TV Guide's 2001 breakout star award. Of course, her look is hot, hot, hot. Hot enough that L'Oreal recently signed Jessica as a Feria hair color spokesperson. And hot enough to grab 10.9 percent of your votes, easily outdistancing blonde beauty Charlize Theron for fifth sexiest woman in Hollywood. Maybe it's her pouty, party size lips. Maybe it's her genetically engineered superhuman intellect. Or maybe 12 million viewers a week are tuning in to Dark Angel for her unflappable sassiness and spunky sangfroid in the face of a nihilistic, dystopian, post-nuclear-magnetic-pulse future. Nah, it's the lips. Unfortunately, all us sci-fi geeks will have to continue to adore from afar. This heavenly angel is engaged to co-star Michael Weatherly, who received more than a few write-in votes from our poll. How She Did in Our Poll Last Year: Mea culpa. We, perhaps in a fit prudish protectiveness (not an easy alliteration to make), neglected to add the then-teenage Jessica to the list. At least we made amends this year. Sexiest Role: As super-warrior Max in James Cameron's hit sci-fi series Dark Angel. We can easily believe that Jessica is genetically enhanced like her onscreen alter ego, given the tight black outfits she often wears. Best Quote: "I thought it was my job to give all the boys their first kiss." (Hey, I may be married, but how the heck did I miss my turn?) Sexiest Scene: No particular scene to date. But in her spare time the multi-talented lass from Pomona, Calif., treats sea life to glimpses of her wetsuit-clad figure; she's a PADI-certified scuba diver. Those lucky, lucky fish. Physical Feature We Love:To repeat: it's the lips. Those luscious, kissable lips. Of course, there's a laundry list of other features we could mention, but why bother? It's only torture. In Her Future: Jessica is getting ready to show off her martial arts chops (pun intended) with Mr. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon himself, Chow Yun Fat, in 2002's Bulletproof Monk--which also stars Seann William Scott of American Pie fame.

Lady Gaga Death

atest news updates Lady Gaga Dead Tmz, Did Lady Gaga Die, Lady Gaga Death: So says a massive gaggle of Lady Gaga wannabes on Facebook. At least 100,000 fans will be getting their poker face on tonight. In other news, Usher and Chilli are back in the sack (maybe). And Oscar de la Renta appeared on ‘The View’ to remind Americans to follow their dreams and keep Haiti in your hearts. This is What You’re Searching for Today…

Aishwarya Rai In Bikinie

Katrina to don a Bikini for Dostana 2

After her debacle Boom days where she exposed the most, Katrina has refrained from wearing a bikini onscreen, however the lanky actress is all set to wear a bikini in Dostana’s sequel.

In Dostana Priyanka Chopra wore a golden bikini and set hearts on fire, for Dostana 2 Manish Malhotra is designing Katrina’s beach wear and selecting the colors that suits her the most.

A source says, “Dostana 2 plans to take the fun quotient to another level and also have lots of sex appeal. Katrina has one of the best bodies in the industry and having her sport beach wear will be a huge attraction for the film.”

Katrina will look super hot in Dostana 2, the source adds, “She hasn’t sported the sexy look for a while. In Dostana 2, she will be seen in clothes that make her look more sexy than cute.”

Ready to see Katrina flaunt a bikini?

Aishwarya Rai To Groove On Amitabh Bachchan Apni To Jaise Taise

Latest Bollywood News Remember the yesteryear’s Amitabh Bachchan chartbuster ‘Apni to jaise taise, thodi aise ya waise’ that got the nation crooning? The song that became an instant rage in the early 80s is all set to be re-created with none other than Amitabh’s daughter-in-law Aishwarya. Believe it or not but the swishy Bachchan ‘bahu’ will be seen grooving to the song in Sajid Nadiadwala’s ‘Houseful’.A highlight of the film, the song will have Ash dancing with the leading stars of the film – Akshay Kumar, Arjun Rampal and Ritesh Deshmukh. And even though Ash is yet to give her final nod to the proposal, sources state that the she is already excited about doing the track. Confirming the news, a source told a daily, “Talks are currently on with Aishwarya and things should get finalised in a couple of days. Both the Sajids – Nadiadwala and Khan – loved the idea of using the song and bought the rights from the music company. Everyone knows it was a chartbuster in its heyday.

Shah Rukh, Kajol To Ring NASDAQ Opening Bell

Bollywood News: Thanks to his irrepressible sense of humour, Shah Rukh Khan comes across as an easy going person. But in real life the Bollywood star is little different and one of the things he is extremely finicky about is his socks. “I have a strange attachment to socks. They should feel right. I could be missing a flight, but if my socks are wrong, I have to take them off… I won’t wear nylon socks with sneakers. The only time I get disturbed during shooting is over my socks. I hate brown socks and different-coloured socks,” said Shah Rukh said in an interview to the GQ magazine.

Vivek Tailing Aishwarya Rai

Is Vivek Oberoi following Ash? Vivek made an entry at a Delhi mall on Thursday, where the red carpet premiere of Rann was taking place, and where Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek were also present. “It’s strange to see Vivek here. We don’t know if he’s been invited or has come over just because he’s in the capital for an event,” said a source. Vivek was also reportedly an uninvited guest at Hrithik Roshan’s birthday bash this month at Shah Rukh’s house, Mannat, where the Bachchan couple was present. He was also spotted chatting with the Big B and Jaya Bachchan at a recent awards function where Abhiash were sitting.

Priyanka Chopra-Gerard Hang out Together in New York

Mumbai: Sometime back, rumours were rife about Priyanka Chopra’s romantic fling with Hollywood hottie Gerard Butler, as the actor had hinted about his interest in our desi girl. However, Priyanka was then apparently going around with Hurman Baweja. But now, Piggy Chops has fuelled the reports of her romantic fling with Butler yet again as she was recently spotted hanging out with the actor in New York.
According to the latest news, Gerard visited Priyanka a couple of times and the two spent time together too when the actress was shooting for her film in the city.

Katrina Kaif Hot

Friday, January 29, 2010

Katrina Kaif Back in A Bikini For Dostana 2

After showing off her assets in her debut movie “Boom,” sexy Katrina Kaif will return to the big screen in a banging bikini for her upcoming project “Dostana 2.” Replacing Priyanka Chopra, who shot a few sexy beach scenes herself in “Dostana” with John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan, this will be the second time Katz dons a two-piece for a movie, and we bet fans can’t wait! Popular celeb designer Manish Malhotra been chosen to create the hot beachwear so we expect something classy yet sexy.

Bollywood Vidya, Shahid Friends Again

Kareena Kapoor, Vidya Balan, Sania Mirza, Priyanka Chopra ... the twists and turns in Shahid Kapoor’s love life will put a bestseller to shame. After splitting with Priyanka, Shahid’s life has once again taken an interesting turn with former love Vidya re-entering his life recently. The two had parted on discordant terms post Aziz Mirza’s Kismat Konnection in which they had starred together. It was this film which was largely responsible for bringing Vidya and Shahid close when the latter was heartbroken because of his failed relationship with Kareena. However, their relationship lost its fizz once the film released and Shahid decided to move on.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Katrina Kaif The Powerful Bollywood Star

The London beauty in Bollywood duty certainly has a clout. Those who have closely watched the ‘Screen’ awards will agree. The reason why we are saying this is simple. Picture this, Katrina Kaif walked with the ‘Entertainer of the year award’ and smiled before the paparazzi. But an insider has got this scoop on how Kats powered her way into this trophy. It goes like this; Kats was nominated for the best actress which she lost to ‘Kareena’. Katrina had performed at the function and she was in a relaxed feeling that she has pocketed the best actress trophy but the announcement shocked her. Later she was called upon to receive ‘The Entertainment of the year’ to much of everyone’s surprise cause this category was not even printed in the nominations list so how she got this award remains a mystery but one thing is sure,

Aamir Khan To Stem Student Suicides

Aamir Khan To Stem Student Suicides, In the backdrop of the surge of suicides in the city, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and the Bombay Psychiatry Society (BPS) have initiated a workshop to identify signs of depression in children . The workshop called ‘Life is Beautiful’, is meant for teachers at all BMC schools where 4.5 lakh children are studying at the moment. Private school teachers are also welcome to join. And to make the workshop and its message more effective, BMC has roped in Aamir Khan as their brand ambassador. Dr Sanjay Oak, dean, KEM hospital said, “Students like Aamir’s personality. He makes films with a strong social messages.” On the anvil is an extensive multimedia campaign featuring the star, “appealing the young to appreciate the beauty of life”.
Aamir confirmed the developments.

“Yes, I have been approached by the BMC and will be a part of their campaign ‘Life is Beautiful’.” Psychiatrist Dr Harish Shetty said, “Statements like ‘I want to run away’ or ‘I have lost interest in work’ indicate suicidal tendencies.” Every Friday the workshop will educate teachers on identifying suicidal tendencies and immediate counselling for such children. Dr Oak, said, “BMC has decided to flash the helpline 25706000, on TV and newspapers for the benefit of distressed students.”

Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape To Be Released on Internet

tape, which allegedly shows Lindsay Lohan engaging in a sex act, is all set to debut on the Internet, according to reports. It is said that the ‘Mean Girls’ star, who recently filmed a documentary about child trafficking in India, is starring in the a 47-second clip which could be made public soon. The video film is dynamite. It is pretty seedy and shows Lindsay engaged in a particular sex act which, obviously, should remain behind closed doors,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted a source as telling the Daily Mirror newspaper.

Britney Spears Blasts Reports She ‘Hates’ Her Body

Washington: Pop princess Britney Spears has slammed reports, which claimed that she said she would always hate her body. Spears, 28, posted her denial on her Twitter page after she found a feature in Look magazine claiming to have interviewed her about her body issues. “See who’s full of it,” Us magazine quoted her as having written about the reports.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kareena Kapoor Finds Comparisons With Katrina Kaif Insulting

areena Kapoor is peeved and it’s all owing to Katrina! She might have been the first size-zero actress, who has some good performances to her credit but this fact does not seem to stop gossipmongers from pitting Kareena against Katrina. And this constant comparison between the two sizzlers has become a big worry for Bebo. The two have been compared for long but Kareena’s outburst happened after an article declared both actresses to be at par for their films in 2010. Confirming the news, a daily quoted a source as saying, “Bebo has been around for years and she has done tons of performance-oriented films. Her body of work is different. How can you compare them?”

Zeta-Jones Takes Daughter`s Fashion Advice

ollywood Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones seeks her six-year-old daughter Cary`s fashion advice even when she steps out to the supermarket. The actress admits she always strives to look good, even when she`s just shopping at her local supermarket, reports “Even if I`m going to the supermarket I couldn`t go out without trying my best. If people recognise you, they like you to look as they would hope. You owe it to people to look nice when you go out. Cary always gives me the once-over before I go out. She is totally truthful and if she doesn`t like what I`m wearing, she tells me,” Zeta-Jones has been quoted as saying.

10 Cosmetic Surgeries in 2 Months For Heidi

Heidi Montag has gone under the knife 10 times in the last two months becauseshe is obsessed with attaining a perfect body. The 23-year-old has previously admitted to having a nose and boob job, but she has had another 10 plastic surgery procedures done since Nov 20, including breast augmentation, liposuction, butt augmentation, nose job revision and botox, Montag insists she had been contemplating to have the work done for years after being teased as a youngster. I (wanted) to feel better, to feel perfect. I was made fun of when I was younger, and so I had insecurities, especially after I moved to Los Angeles. They`d say nasty things. It bothered me. I just wanted to feel more confident and look in the mirror and be like, `Whoa! That`s me!` I was an ugly duckling before,” she said.

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lady GaGa Rings In 2010 Miami Style

Always entertaining, Lady GaGa performed poolside at the Fontainbleau Hotel in Miami Beach on New Years Eve (December 31).

Happening to be the top draw for this year’s New Year’s parties, the “Poker Face” singer didn’t disappoint as she churned out the hits for the jam-packed audience.

Lindsay Lohan: St Barth New Year’s Fun

Having just flown into town earlier in the day, Lindsay Lohan spent her New Year’s Eve partying it up in the beautiful St Barth locale.

Joined by a few friends, the “Mean Girls” starlet took to Gustavia harbor to partake in a shindig thrown by hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons.

Molly Sims: Los Cabos Bikini Beauty

Enjoying the south of the border sunshine, Molly Sims stepped out in a cute bikini in Los Cabos, Mexico on Friday morning (January 1).

The sexy supermodel was joined by her pet pooch as she strolled over to a poolside recliner to get a little sun on the last day of her holiday getaway

Friday, January 1, 2010

Celina performs at New Year’s Eve

Bipasha rocks at New Year’s eve

Kareena graces GQ magazine

Check out Kareena Kapoor on the cover of GQ India magazine January edition. The issue has come out in two covers. Like?

Sonam Kapoor-Abhay Deol Aishaa snap

Check out another snap of Abhay Deol and Sonam Kapoor from their movie Aisha based on Jane Austen’s novel Emma.

Hollywood gossip

Jersey Shore Recap: "Just Another Day at the Shore"

MTV's Jersey Shore returned with an all-new, festive, New Year's Eve episode last night, and lucky for you, The Hollywood Gossip has its weekly rundown.

Below, we break down the drama in Seaside Heights, N.J., on last night's episode five, "Just Another Day at the Shore," awarding and deducting points.

Leave a comment with your own pluses, minuses, and feedback ...

Ronnie cannot believe that while the rest of the gang tends to Snooki, who got knocked out in the previous episode, Mike is still trolling for chicks out on the boardwalk. Or, as Ronnie put it, "The Situation's creepin'." Plus 8.

One last note on the fight. Brad Ferro is a moron who should never have hit Snooki. But when you scream explatives at someone and flick drinks in his face, well, you can't say it was totally unprovoked. We're just saying, Snook. Minus 4.

These guys swear. A lot. Even in situations that don't really require profane language. There was a 20-second stretch of basically one long bleep. Plus 3.

Nice pit stains, JWOWW. Minus 2.

Ronnie, the biggest, most juiced up guido of them all, is a softie at heart and a total mama's boy who just wants his family to like Sam. Who knew?! Plus 4.

Vanessa Lopez Alleges Harassment By Shaq

Gloria Allred is a busy lady these days.

Not only is she repping Rachel Uchitel and possibly other Tiger Woods mistresses, she's being retained by a woman linked to another sports legend.

Allred was recently hired by Vanessa Lopez, a model who claims NBA great Shaquille O’Neal is harassing her, according to a Radar Online report.

“I can confirm I’m representing Vanessa Lopez,” Allred said, declining to elaborate.

Shaq’s wife Shaunie recently filed for legal separation with intent to divorce, after a rocky marriage beset by numerous reports of Shaq cheating.
Shaq’s estranged wife is executive producer of the VH-1 show Basketball Wives, which will show the ups and downs of being married to an NBA star.

One of the downsides? Their rampant cheating.

O'Neal, who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, was recently rumored to have become romantically involved with the fiancé of another NBA player.

In 2008, Atlanta hip hop artist Alexis Miller got a restraining order against O’Neal, claiming he threatened her after their relationship dissolved.

She said Shaq would call and breathe heavily into the phone, and at one point threatened that he would ruin her career. Standard harassment.

Adam Lambert Rings, Rocks in the New Year

He was one of the most successful, memorable celebrities of 2009.

Therefore, it was only appropriate that Adam Lambert put on a show to close out his first year in the spotlight.

The American Idol runner-up did just that in Hollywood last night, rocking out at Paramount Studios and ringing in 2010 with fans (and Pamela Anderson, apparently).

Don't worry: no crotches were grabbed, oral sex simulated or animals harmed during the performance.
On the East Coast, Jennifer Lopez actually did her best Lambert impression, donning an unusual outfit and thrusting her privates into the face of a back-up dancer. Watch her concert, and comment on her clothing, now.

Hollywood Hot Pic

Bollywood Hot Actoress

Bollywood Hot pics

Kim Kardashian Calendar: Sneak Peek!

2010 is so this year.

Well, almost.

But Kim Kardashian is nothing if not a forward-looking woman.

With that in mind, the large-breasted reality star is giving fans a sneak peek of her calendar. Her 2011 calendar, that is.

In her latest blog entry, Kim says she snapped some photos with some blonde hair and some with dark hair. The following is an example of the former look. What do you think of it?
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